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Countryballs Europe: How to Draw Your Own Comics and Characters

Countryballs Europe: A Fun and Satirical Way to Learn History

Countryballs are an internet meme that depicts countries or political entities as balls with eyes and flags. They are often used in comics, memes, games, and art to poke fun at national stereotypes, international relations, and historical events. In this article, we will explore the origin, features, popularity, and examples of countryballs related to Europe.

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Origin of Countryballs

The origin of countryballs can be traced back to an August 2009 incident on, a website where users could freely draw on a circular canvas. Thousands of Polish netizens from various sites took over the entire drawball with an illustration of the Polish flag with the word "POLSKA" in the middle.

countryballs europe

However, the creator of the modern countryballs format is often credited to Falco, a British user of the German imageboard who created the first strips to ridicule Wojak, a Polish internet troll who used broken English on the same board. Falco created the strips using Microsoft Paint in September 2009, where they gained popularity among other users on the board, particularly Russians.

The meme gained further notoriety following the death of Lech Kaczyński, president of Poland, in the Smolensk air disaster in April 2010.

Features of Countryballs

Countryballs have some common features that make them distinctive and humorous. Some of these features are:

  • They are drawn as imperfect spheres with eyes without pupils.

  • They are decorated with their national flags or other symbols.

  • They speak in broken English with vocabularies of their national languages included.

  • They use political incorrectness and black comedy to mock themselves and others.

  • They are often made to intentionally look crudely drawn using simple tools.

Some countryballs also have specific traits that reflect their stereotypes or history. For example:

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  • Polandball is upside-down and always tries to go to space.

  • Germanyball is strict and efficient but has a dark past.

  • Russiaball is strong and drunk but suffers from cold and bears.

  • Franceball is arrogant and cowardly but loves art and culture.

  • UKball is polite and proud but has bad teeth and weather.

Popularity of Countryballs

Countryballs continue to be popular on the internet, with various communities being created on Facebook, Reddit, VK, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms. The Facebook community reached over 215,000 members by July 2015.

Countryballs have also been the subject of research by various institutions, as well as positive and negative commentary for both their simplistic and offensive nature. Some feel that they could allow readers to learn about unknown events or perspectives in a fun and engaging way.

Various video games and alternate history works have been based on countryballs. For example:


Countryball: Europe 1890Video gameA strategy game mixed with a turn-based combat mechanic plus cards and stats involved. It allows players to discover the 19th and 20th centuries of Europe through the eyes of countryballs.

Polandball: Can into Space!Video gameA casual game where players help Polandball fulfill his dream of going to the moon. It involves collecting money, upgrading the rocket, and avoiding obstacles.

Polandball: Not Safe For WorldVideo gameA platformer game where players control Polandball and his friends in various levels inspired by historical events. It features 33 playable countryballs, 3 boss fights, and 16 achievements.

Countryballs: The Animated SeriesWeb seriesA series of animated shorts created by Sam Green Media that features countryballs in various scenarios. It has over 50 episodes and 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Countryballs: Modern BallfareWeb seriesA series of animated shorts created by No Idea Animation that parodies modern warfare games using countryballs. It has over 40 episodes and 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Examples of Countryballs Europe

To give you a taste of what countryballs are like, here are some examples of comics, memes, and art related to Europe. You can find more on various websites and social media platforms.


Comics are one of the most common forms of countryballs media. They usually consist of a few panels that tell a joke or a story. Here are some examples:

A comic about the Eurovision Song Contest by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit

A comic about the European Union by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit

A comic about the Brexit by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit


Memes are another popular form of countryballs media. They usually consist of a single image or a collage of images that convey a humorous or ironic message. Here are some examples:

A meme about the European Super League by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit

A meme about the European Union and Switzerland by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit

A meme about the European Union and Turkey by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit


Art is another form of countryballs media that showcases the creativity and talent of the fans. They usually consist of drawings, paintings, sculptures, or digital art that depict countryballs in various styles and settings. Here are some examples:

A drawing of countryballs as anime characters by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit

A painting of countryballs as Renaissance portraits by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit

A sculpture of countryballs as chess pieces by u/ChewyPickle on Reddit


Countryballs are a fun and satirical way to learn history and culture through the internet. They originated from a Polish prank on and a British troll on, and have since grown into a global phenomenon with millions of fans and creators. They have various features that make them distinctive and humorous, such as their imperfect shapes, broken English, and political incorrectness. They are also popular in various forms of media, such as comics, memes, games, and art. They can be found on various websites and social media platforms, where they entertain and educate people about Europe and the world.


Here are some frequently asked questions about countryballs:

What is the difference between Polandball and Countryball?

Polandball is a specific type of countryball that represents Poland. It is also the name of the subreddit where most countryballs comics are posted. Countryball is a general term that refers to any ball that represents a country or a political entity.

Why is Polandball upside-down?

Polandball is upside-down because it is a joke that originated from the incident, where the Polish flag was drawn upside-down by mistake. It is also a way to mock Poland's historical misfortunes and failures.

Why do countryballs speak in broken E


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