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Fifa Manager 13 Trainer Full FULL UNLOCKED

Fifa manager 13 trainer full FULL UNLOCKED

If you are a fan of soccer and want to experience the thrill of managing your own team, you might be interested in Fifa manager 13, a simulation game that lets you take control of every aspect of your club, from transfers and tactics to finances and facilities. However, if you find the game too challenging or want to have some fun with unlimited resources, you might want to try Fifa manager 13 trainer full FULL UNLOCKED, a cheat tool that gives you access to 238 cheat codes for the game.

A trainer is a program that runs in the background while you play the game and modifies its memory to enable or disable certain features. For example, you can use a trainer to increase your money, improve your players' attributes, or unlock all achievements. A trainer can also help you avoid some of the drawbacks of the game, such as limited negotiation rounds, time pressure, or career endings.

Fifa manager 13 trainer full FULL UNLOCKED


Fifa manager 13 trainer full FULL UNLOCKED is one of the most comprehensive trainers available for the game. It was created by PLITCH, a platform that offers cheats and trainers for over 2,500 PC games. You can download it from their website or from other sources . To use it, you need to run it as administrator and launch the game. Once the game is running, you can press F1 to activate the trainer and use the hotkeys to enable or disable the cheats. You can also customize the hotkeys and select which cheats you want to use from the trainer's interface.

Some of the cheats that Fifa manager 13 trainer full FULL UNLOCKED offers are:

  • Club: Money +5.000.000: This cheat will increase your club's money by 5 million euros.

  • Player: Attribute ball control +1: This cheat will increase the ball control attribute of the selected player by 1 point.

  • Player contract: Salary -500.000: This cheat will decrease the salary of the selected player by 500.000 euros per year.

  • Quiz always right answer: This cheat will make you always answer correctly to the quiz questions that appear in the game.

  • Unlimited points for player-career: This cheat will give you unlimited points to spend on your player's skills and abilities in player-career mode.

These are just some examples of the many cheats that Fifa manager 13 trainer full FULL UNLOCKED provides. You can find the full list of cheats and their descriptions on the PLITCH website . However, be aware that using cheats may affect your game experience and may cause some bugs or glitches. Also, some cheats may not work with certain versions or updates of the game. Therefore, use them at your own risk and discretion.

Fifa manager 13 trainer full FULL UNLOCKED is a powerful tool that can enhance your enjoyment of Fifa manager 13. Whether you want to make the game easier, more realistic, or more fun, you can find a cheat that suits your needs and preferences. However, remember that cheating is not fair play and may spoil the challenge and satisfaction of playing the game. Therefore, use it wisely and responsibly.


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