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Gabriel Howard
Gabriel Howard

How Crazy Frog Took Over the World with His Ring Ding Ding

Crazy Frog: The Annoying Thing That Became a Pop Sensation

If you were alive in the mid-2000s, chances are you have heard of Crazy Frog. The blue, frog-like creature with goggles, a helmet, and a visible penis was everywhere. He was on TV, on the radio, on the internet, and on your phone. He was annoying, he was catchy, he was controversial, and he was a pop sensation. But how did this CGI character go from being a sound effect to a music star? And what is he doing now? Let's find out.

crazy frog

What is Crazy Frog?

Crazy Frog is a Swedish CGI-animated character and Eurodance musician created in 2003 by actor and playwright Erik Wernquist. He is also known as The Annoying Thing, which was his original name before he became famous.

The origin of the sound effect

The story of Crazy Frog begins in 1997, when a 17-year-old Swedish student named Daniel Malmedahl recorded himself imitating the sound of a two-stroke engine. He uploaded his recording to a website called The Onyx Domain, where it caught the attention of another Swedish teenager named Erik Wernquist. Wernquist was impressed by Malmedahl's talent and contacted him to ask for his permission to use his sound effect in his own projects.

The creation of the character

Wernquist was an aspiring animator and filmmaker who had a passion for creating 3D models and short films. He decided to create a character that would match Malmedahl's sound effect. He came up with a blue, frog-like creature with goggles, a helmet, and a visible penis. He named it The Annoying Thing and made a short video of it riding an invisible motorcycle. He uploaded his video to his website in 2000, where it became a viral hit.

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