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Evangelismo Total Damy Ferreira Pdf 30

Evangelismo Total Damy Ferreira Pdf 30

Evangelismo Total is a book by Damy Ferreira, a Brazilian pastor and evangelist, who shares his experience and methods for personal and mass evangelism. The book was published in Spanish by Editorial Mundo Hispano in 2003, and has 288 pages. The book includes a complete series of Bible studies, as well as practical techniques and strategies for reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The book is divided into 16 sections, each covering a different aspect of evangelism. Some of the topics are: the nature and purpose of evangelism, the role of the Holy Spirit, the preparation and presentation of the message, the use of communication tools, the follow-up and discipleship of new converts, and the organization and evaluation of evangelistic campaigns. The book also provides examples and illustrations from the author's own ministry, as well as from other successful evangelists.

The book is available in PDF format for download from various websites . However, it is recommended to buy the original copy from the publisher or a bookstore, as downloading pirated copies may violate the author's rights and harm his ministry. The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about evangelism and how to share their faith effectively with others.

Evangelismo Total is not only a book, but also a movement that aims to mobilize Christians to spread the gospel in their communities and around the world. The author has conducted several evangelistic events and conferences in different countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and the United States. He also has a website where he offers online courses, videos, podcasts, articles, and other materials related to evangelism.

If you are interested in learning more about Evangelismo Total, you can visit the author's website, or follow him on social media . You can also contact him by email or phone if you have any questions or comments. Evangelismo Total is a book that will inspire you to share your faith with others and make a difference in the world.


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